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This site was developed because I got tired of hearing politicians and the news media continuously tear down this great country we live in. Therefore, I made some short Flash Movies to show the beauty of this country. I had the privilege of spending 10 years traveling this great country in an RV exploring her natural beauty. During that period, my wife and I traveled through every state except North Dakota. Although we never took our RV to Alaska, We did see Alaska later via a cruise ship tour. We have also been to Hawaii on several different vacations over our 45 years of marriage. During these various vacations, we were able to visit the islands of Oahu, Kauai, Maui, and the Big Island of Hawaii.

Listed below are links, along with a brief description, of short movie clips depicting this great country that I have developed.




Movie #1 - My Beautiful America


Take a trip through all 50 states of this beautiful country of ours.

This movie (and web site) was recently awarded the George Washington Honor Medal
in the Public Communications Category

[presented by Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge]


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Movie #2 - Our National Parks

Take a trip through our nation's beautiful National Parks. In our travels, the wife and I have visited 34 of the 57 National Parks. Of a total of 57 National Parks in this country, 47 are displayed in this movie clip.

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Movie #3 - Beautiful Dixie

Take a trip through Dixie, the southern portion of our beautiful country.

Note: Before you email me as to what states comprises Dixie, I found during my research that it depends on what reference you read, and at what time in history you refer to. The states that I chose to use as "Dixie" seem to be described in the majority of references in the time period at the start of the Civil war.

Movie #4 - Living Desert

We spent a lot of time RV'ing and camping in the desert during the fall, winter, and spring months during my Navy career years in and around the San Diego, CA area. During those times, we learned to see the real beauty of the desert - the many kinds of blooming cacti, the multitude of wildflowers, the fossils, and various rock formations. Therefore, I made this Flash Movie to help show the real beauty of the desert.


Movie #5 - Surf's Up - USA

This is a pictorial tour of America's great surf beaches. I used a surf guitar music mix for the soundtrack

Movie #6 - Surf's Up - World

This is a pictorial tour of surf beaches around the world. The soundtrack is a mix of more surf guitar music.

Movie #7 - Nevada - Off The Beaten Path

This is a compiliation of photos that I have taken across the state of Nevada. The majority of the photos are of areas and towns the typical tourist does not see.

Movie #8 - America's Southwest

This is a compiliation of photos I have taken over several different short photo trips through the scenic Southwest.

Movie #9 - Death Valley National Park

This is a compiliation of photos that I took this Spring (2010) in Death Valley National Park.

Movie #10 - Alaska

This is a slideshow of photos that I took this past summer on vacation in Alaska.

Movie #11 - Nevada (Best of)

This is a slideshow of 38 of my favorite photos that I have taken of Nevada.

Movie #12 - Hawaii

This is a slideshow of photos that were taken over three different vacations, on Kauai (2012), Oahu (2010), and the Big Island (2008).

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More Movies

America, Why I Love Her - This is a pictorial tour of America based on a beautiful poem written by John Mitchum and narrated by John Wayne. This was one of the first Flash Movies I ever made, but for reasons I won't explain here, I had to remove it from my site. I since passed it on to a fellow web designer, who reworked the piece. We worked together to develop a web site around it. This is a link to this clip on his site.
[View Movie]

Arizona - This is a pictorial tour of Arizona. The soundtrack is the very pretty song "Arizona" by Rex Allen Jr. This flash movie was inspired by my old buddy over at
[View Movie]

New Web Site

New Web Site! - For more scenic movie clips, please visit I am constructing this site to display my photo collection of old ghost towns, old mines and trails, and desert scenery and wildlife, that I have taken over the years in my home state of Nevada. The site is still under construction, so please keep checking back as new movie clips will be posted as they're completed. To view the web site, click on the banner below.

My Photo Gallery



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